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Pool Fencing In Situ4 Pool Fencing In Situ1 decking-22e

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Aluminium Ring Top Fencing

Panel 2400x1200mm high

Gate 950x1200mm

Gate 1600x1200mm

Gate 3600x1200mm  

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Spear Top Security Fencing

Panel 2400 x 1800mm high

Gate 950 x 1800mm

Gate 1600 x 1800mm

2.4m in ground Posts







Galvanised Folded Top Fencing

Panel 2400 x 1200mm high

Gate 950 x 1200

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Panel 2400 x 1500 high

2100 in ground posts

Gate 900 x 1500

Gate 1800 x 1500









TUFFDEC Composite Decking

Decking 140 x 25mm

Decking Fascia



Plastic clips with stainless steel screws Included in deck price



$11/lineal metre

hero_home4 glass balustrade



Sizes available

700x1260x12mm       $83

800x1200x12mm       $95

900x1200x12mm       $109

1000x1200x12mm     $120


stainless steel pins    $20 each

Glass pool fencing


Sizes available

700x1200 x12mm                 $77

800x1200x12mm                  $86

900x1200x12mm                  $93

1000x1200x12mm                $100

900x1200x12mm gate          $122

Square and round spigots     $95 each

Pair of hinges                        $82

Magnetic latch                       $110

imagesKWZD3MXJ imagesKWZD3MXJ square top fence  (00000003)

Aluminium square top fencing

Panel 2400mm x 1200 high

Gate 950x1200

Gate 1600x1200mm

Gate 3600x1200mm

Gate 1600 x 1500 high

Gate 4200 x 1500

Panel 2400 x 1500 high

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All of our Aluminium fencing is manufactured to       comply with  NZ Council requirements for pool   fencing (NZS 8500:2006).


Rail size is 32x32x1.0mm

Vertical tube is 19mmx1.0mm

Distance between verticals is 98mm



We have matching gates            

50x50x1.8mm Aluminium with 19mmx1.0mm   vertical tube



We have in ground and flanged posts

In ground post 50x50x1.8mm 1.8m long

Flanged posts 50x50x1.8mm 1360mm long

Flanged base 125x125x5mm


Powder coated black


Suitable for

Pool fencing

landscape fencing

This fencing is our most cost effective option for either pools, landscaping or industrial areas.


6.5mm wire with 75mm gap

In ground posts 60x60x1.8mm 1800mm long

Flanged posts 60x60x1.8mm 1300mm long

gates are 50x50x1.8mm with 6mm wire

Hot dip galvanized

Powder coated black

Rail 40x40x1.6mm

Vertical bars 25x25x1.5mm 115mm apart

Posts 60x60x 1.8mm

Powder coated black


Palisade security fencing

2m high x 2.7m wide with 1x3m post     $250

W pale 65mm wide 3mm thick

Rail 50 x50 x 5mm 2.7m long

H post 100 x 55 x 4mm 2.7m long

Nuts, bolts and fish plates

Hot dipped galvanised

chainlink fence 2

Chain link fence

2m high x 1m long including all materials required to construct

50 x 50 x 2.5mm mesh

Knuckle edge

Hot dipped galvanised

$110 per lineal meter

Aluminium Flat Top Fencing    

Panel 2400x1200mm high                    

Gate 950x1200mm            

Gate 1600x1200mm            

Gate 3600x1200mm          

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Panel 2400x1500mm high        

Gate 950x1500                  

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